The Bon Ton House, a popular vacation rental property in Downtown Bozeman Montana, is subdivided into three lovingly restored apartment units.  Each apartment has its own front and rear access, full bathroom, and full kitchen.

Built in 1880, and renovated in 2014, the Bon Ton House is one of the original structures located within Bozeman’s Bon Ton Historic district.  This beautiful property offers guests a unique combination of historical charm and modern comfort.  A large newly landscaped backyard features a fire pit, picnic table, barbeque grill, and an off-street parking pad.

Located just two blocks South of Main Street in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Bon Ton House guests can easily walk to coffee shops, restaurants, retail establishments, and entertainment facilities such as the Ellen Theatre.

A favorite for Montana State University families, the Bon Ton House is conveniently located on Willson Avenue between the MSU campus and Main Street downtown.

“Absolutely our favorite VRBO” – Susan L.. -Oct 18, 2015

“We had 4 nights at the Bon Ton House and it gave us such a genuine taste of the heart of Bozeman’s flavor and charm.” -Garry -March 2, 2016

“We loved everything about our stay! The rooms were spacious and clean, amazing location and all around great home. It was very affordable for the amount of space we were staying in. We wished we could have stayed in this rental a few more nights! We will certainly be coming back in the future. Couldn’t recommend enough!” – Hunter M. -Jan 25, 2016

The Bon Ton House is a member of The Downtown Bozeman Association.


Please note:  Apartments within the Bon Ton House are only available for rent through  The Bon Ton House NEVER rents through Craigslist.

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Unit A (3 bedroom / 1 bath)
Unit B (2 bedroom / 1 bath)
Unit C (1 bedroom / 1 bath)
Whole House (Units A & B & C)